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Or, Avengers Assemble, if you like.

Non-spoilery things - This movie is amazing. Every character gets their moment. There's a bunch of laugh out loud moments, and some very sad ones too. But mostly it's just an exhilirating ride. I'm not a particular Avengers fan, but I knew enough to at least know all the characters and get most of the jokes. My DH, on the other hand, is a HUGE Avengers fan, and I don't think I've ever seen him so happy with a comic book movie. He couldn't stop giggling as we were leaving the cinema, because he was so happy at how perfect it was.

And now for the spoilery cut tag because I must get my feels out somewhere!

Helicarrier! Natasha being awesome!

Oh God also I swear Joss just gave RDJ character notes that said 'Act like you want to fuck every single other character in the movie', and then he did.

Jeremy Renner's ARMS! Oh holy God I would debase myself for a lick of his arms.

Coulson! *sob*

The long tracking shot of the fight with the Chitauri that ends with Hulk punching Thor? Best thing I've ever seen. Oh gods. Hulk in general, really. And Bruce, oh Bruce.

Loki was particularly awesome (especially the scenery chewing "you mewling quim!") but I still LOVED IT when Hulk wrecked the shit out of him. "He's adopted!"

There was at least one fight move straight out the Ultimate Alliance game! Fun!

Loved. It.
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