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Apr. 26th, 2010 12:53 pm
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Last Monday I finally went to the doctor about my joint pain (It’s only been 5 years or so! Shut up everyone!). She suggested a few possible causes, the main one being rheumatoid arthritis (the others some hyperflexing disorder or lupus – yes, I went immediately to the House place). So on Tuesday I went for a blood test at the local NHS clinic, as they don’t do those in the clinic where my GP is. Ah, the NHS, sacrificing efficiency for the sake of bureaucracy. I don’t have the results yet, but I don’t think it’s likely to be RA as my joints don’t get swollen. But what do I know. Also fun is that I’ve had some serious tummy trouble every morning since the blood test (presumably unrelated), and am working my way through boxes of Immodium and Motilium.

Thursday evening I headed down to Exeter for a conference on Friday/Saturday. I stayed with my old flatmate, who’s getting married next Sunday. Also, finishing her thesis AND she has an interview for a job on Tuesday. Brave girl. The conference was on food and drink in archaeology. The talks were generally good, and I learned some pretty relevant stuff. One of the presenters on the Saturday lived through my worst nightmare when after his talk people in the audience tore apart the theoretical and methodological underpinning of his whole phd. They did it in a nice way, but really by the end of the questions session, all of his supposed conclusions looked very, very dodgy. Poor guy. The weather in devon was absolutely gorgeous and the ex-flatmate took me to some lovely pubs. It was fab being out of London for a bit – it’s getting very claustrophobic. I got to see sheep, and fields, and the horizon. Lovely stuff. Arrived home on Saturday night very tired.

Yesterday morning a friend arrived from Dublin to stay the night with us as she has an interview for a job in East Anglia this morning and didn’t trust Ryanair to get her there on time if she flew this morning. We bbq’d Sunday lunch and some other friends came over and generally a good time was had by all.

But dear God in heaven I need a kip.

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I am already giddy with excuitement at the thought of the upcoming four day weekend.


I just have to get through four days of work first... do dee do...
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I reckon the new companion is a lesebelle.

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I am constantly applying for tickets to free BBC things because I am a. poor and b. cheap, and I finally got tickets to a Radio 4 show called Museum of Curiosity last week. We went to the recording last night - it was the first eppisode of the third series, so there was a new curator, whose name I didn't catch. But! One of the panellists was Terry Prachett! He seemed really well and certainly has lost none of his droll whimsy. One of the other panellists was an astrophysics writer and the last one was a comedienne whose family were originally from Iran but whose name I also forget. I remembered Terry Prachett's name though, so a win for me?

Also, a commonly used collectove noun for baboons is a flange. I love you the English language.


Feb. 19th, 2010 03:27 pm
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Is gmail working for everyone else?

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I'm working on a book launch thing in work, and today I found out that Ian McKellan won't be there. Not that I ever knew he was meant to be. But he was, and now he isn't. Sad face.

To make me feel better - puppies!

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G is in the city at training for a call-centre job, which, while very much not brilliant or great or even good, is a job, so huzzah for that.

I've been on the couch in my pyjamas all day alternately eating candy, playing WoW, watching Saturday Kitchen followed by Time Team followed by rugby and drinking tea. I did take a small break from all that work to carve the pumpkin for the front window.

Clive the cat has been stealing stuff from the candy bowl ALL DAY. He doesn't even want to eat it. He just wants it to not be in the bowl anymore. Once it's on the floor he stops caring and goes back for another bit. He's an odd one and no mistake. Pete the cat puked under the bed this morning. That's a 'no' on the new food we bought then...

Daily Fail

Oct. 17th, 2009 08:13 pm
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Faling moreso than ever before.

I am fucking ENRAGED. Fuck you Jan Moir, you bigoted vicious troll. It's been a day now, since you let your hate-filled hideous nature come truly to the fore, and I'm only getting angrier. And you had better believe that I, like so many others, have complained to the Press Complaints Commission. Because you can be a vicious little bigot, in fact your employer would prefer that you were, I'd wager, but you can't MAKE SHIT UP ABOUT A GUY THE DAY BEFORE HIS GODDAMN FUNERAL.

Edited to add that Charlie Brooker says it better than anyone else, as per usual - http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2009/oct/16/stephen-gately-jan-moir

ah, crack

Oct. 10th, 2009 06:21 pm
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So I've been hoovering up all the Merlin fic I can get my hands on for the past week. I haven't done this since, probably, the early days of SGA. It's all coming back to me - the bargaining at two in the morning about where to stop reading vs. can I get away with just calling in sick tomorrow vs. this is a really crap fic anyway but I'll keep reading anyway.

I've only seen about two episodes of the show, and am watching my thrid on right now. I like how Morgana has an actual Irish accent. We loves us some magic witches.

Hm, happy crack place. I think I may have run out of stuff to read already though.

It has kind of got me into the mood for fic reading though. Anyone have any recs for stuff written in the last year, while I've been taking an accidental break?
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I can has flat! And I'm sitting in it right now. With cats. So that's good. It's a lovely falt - a Victorian conversion. It's in Leyton, which is East London, so it's a bit run down and very multicultural. On the main street there's the Muslim youth club next door to the 'sauna' next door to a Jamican-Italian fusion restaurant next to an Olympics office. Not forgetting Peculiar Unisex Hair 'Jesus is Lord'. I'll put a picture of that one up soon enough hopefully. It's so nice to be somewhere with a bit of diversity. If there's one thing Cork did well it was homogeneity.

Still have a million things to sort out. I need to get a bank account before I can get paid, but I can't get a bank account until I get my passport back from the UK visa people for G's work visa. And I can't get a phone or internet or pay any bills until I get a bank account. Still though - the end is in sight. I'm about a million times more relaxed right now than I have been for two or three months.

G's arriving back on Friday - he's been in Cork finishing up work and stuff. It's been kind of lonely here by myself. I've been kept busy by all the unpacking though. Which I should really get back to. I don't understand how we have all of the books in the world. Doesn't anyone else want any?

I've also managed to lose 7lbs since I left Cork. Coincidence?

Right, off to box #679003 of books...


Sep. 18th, 2009 04:59 am
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So I live in London now. There's some news. Really struggling with the finances, let me tell you.

But I think we've found a flat. Just need to pass a credit check. The only problem I foresee is that I don't actually have any credit over here. Will they mind taking on a tenant with a zero credit rating? They know I just arrived in the country, so it's not like I can help it.

Have to head out this afternoon and get a bank account sorted (or at least try to - I think I'll need to wait until I've started work) and a UK sim card too.

We really need to get our deposit back from our landlord in Ireland, and get our car sold too.

I have all of my fingers crossed hoping this flat doesn't fall through.

Moving is so. bloody. expensive. And stressy. Very very stressy.
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So I've just started watching season 1 ep 1 of Supernatural. Behind the times, moi?

Wish me luck.

edited to add -

well hello Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and hello Callum Keith Rennie...
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The weatehr has been absolutely BEAUTIFUL here for the last few days. Yesterday I sat out in the garden reading, fell asleep and turned an oh so attractive shade of puce. I think I have a touch of the kryptonian in me because I am never so happy as when sitting in the sun for hours on end. I really feel as though my batteries are getting charged up. Of course the same could probably be said for about half the population.

I was up at quarter to five this morning to pick himself up from the airport, so I got to see the sunrise and the mists burn off as I drove up to Shannon, which made getting up at that ridiculous hour much less awful.

I've the barbeque warming up now and I'm marinating some turkey steaks in garlic, lemon and thyme, and I've some tinfoil wrapped potatoes in the coals. *nom* I've never barbequed straight up turkey steaks before so I hope they turn out okay, and not too dry.

It's been an excellent weekend so far, and as tomorrow's a bank holiday hopefully it'll stay that way. And I've really, really needed a good weekend after all the stress in work. i've finally decided to start properly applying for other jobs, most of which will be a definite step down the career ladder, because I just cannot stand being in that place much longer. DH's contract will be up at teh end of July, so the timing may well just be perfect.

And now, back to the *nom*!
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I've been very make-and-do lately. I think it's probably because of the good weather we've been having. I've made some nettle beer, made bread twice this week, been sanding down an old cupboard we got from Frecycle, done some knitting and collected wild garlic for yummy foods.

In work we've taken to calling ourselves 'frugalistas'.
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So for all the 'Muricans on my flist who have non-American SO's, how difficult would it be for me to get a working/resident visa for the States? Are there particular hoops I should be jumping through?
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So I'm looking into applying to PhDs in the States, should himself and myself ever move over there. But it looks like you have to be proficient in at least one, if not two, foreign languages in order to unbdertake a PhD. What the fucking fuck is that about? I don't think charcoal will give much of a flying fuck if I can converse in Spanish with it while I'm looking at it under a microscope. Also, the funding system is weird and strange to me. Someone explain things to me in small words please?


Jun. 23rd, 2008 01:01 pm
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I can has kitteh! We think she's a girl, and we've named her Pete. I'm taking her to the vet in a couple of hours for her shots, and to do something about her fleas (she's from a farm litter). She also looks to have an infected eye. But hey! At least she's not drowned! Stupid farmers.

She's very smart - she figured out the litter tray with no help from us. She's also an explorer, and a climber.

Yay kitteh!


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