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Okay, so. I've spent the last week manically trying to finish my dissertation before I left the country, but to no avail. I'm flying home on Saturday, and my work is coming with me. I have to leave my very useful liberry books here, however. Bugger. Also, have been trying to pack and clean and keep my luggage under twenty kilos so I don't get screwed by Aer Lingus. I have to send a box home to Ireland tomorrow, which will cost fifty quid I don't have, and also go out for goodby drinks with friends. When I get to Ireland, I have to drop boy off to the airport the next day, then try and finish my dissertation in four days before my deadline, but also see everybody at home who wants to see me, seeing as how I haven't been home in six months. Two days after my deadline I have to fly to America to meet lots of new people and also get married. Also while home I have to see about getting a haircut and finding something to wear to a wedding. Mine.

I realise that this is not a very clear timeline, but that is because my brain? She is giving up.
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I'm finished my practical work!!!!!!!!!!


And now to write the bastard...
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The owners of the university accommodation I was staying in for most of the year have charged me and each of my flatmates £62 for something in our communal area. As there isn't anything worth £248 in the whole freaking place, I'm a little suspicious. They also won't take questions about it over the phone, I have to write a letter. Fair enough, you might say. Is it still fair enough when I get the letter on the 28th and have to have replied IN WRITING by the 28th? Yeah, they are cuntos, and I'll be going in tomorrow to see them, methinks.

In other news, all of my supervisors are away, and I have no idea how to do the next stage of my practical work. Which is nice. So I've been doing nothing for over a week now. How hard is it to reply to a freaking email?

fancy lads

Jul. 20th, 2006 07:48 pm
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I took the day off yesterday with le bloke to make the trip out to Chatsworth House. It's the country estate of the duke and duchess of Devonshire, and open to the public for most of the year. It's HUGE. And GORGEOUS. And where they filmed the new Pride and Predjudice, apparently. We did a tour of the house, which is filled with all kinds of fabulous stuff, from Elizabethan to modern. I also fell in love with the library. They don't have names for the things I want to do to that library. I want to tear my skin off and rub myself all over it and... anyway, yes. Lovely library. The gardens are just spectactular too. There's the biggest gravity fountain in the world, which can get up to 300 ft. And there's a huge paddling fountain on a hill slope. There's a coal tunnel and a maze, and greenhouses too. The paddling was the mmost welcome, as it hit about 35 or 36 yesterday. I got a little burned on my back, but probably not as much as I deserved to be.

Back in the lab today, where yet again, someone had stolen my 1mm sieve. Asswipes.
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So I was happily doing what it is I do every day - you know, and one of my supervisors came in to talk to me. She's going on holidays in August and is recommending me to replace her (for her commercial work) while she's gone. If I get it, this will be utterly fabulous, because I'll have commercial experience with environmental samples, and that'll look hella good on my cv when I start pimping myself around come October.

However, I need a job now, but if I get this I'll be working in whatever job I get in the meantime for all of a month; I don't really mind doing that, but, I have no idea what the workload will be like, and whether it will be worth giving up a different job in order to do it. Also, I'm assuming I'll have the practical side of my dissertation finished, and be able to do the commercial stuff during the day and the research at night, but if I'm not finished the practical stuff, I'm fucked. Also, aaaaaaaaaaargh being responsible for stuff that I've just barely learned about oh god I'll fuck it up.

So, anyway. In other news I've sort of started cleaning. The dust, she is legion.
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I didn't have any classes today so I thought I'd do something productive and sort out my bank stuff. I have two (count em'! Two!) bank accounts. For reasons of interest and such that I just about understand. I have to wait two weeks to get my cards though, and only once I've gotten those am I allowed to apply for a credit card. Maybe that's a good thing...

I also went shopping and treated myself. I got some yummy goat's cheese, and spent about an hour in a second hand book and record shop. I only bought two books though, so I think I did pretty well. I got Hyperion's Fall by Dan Simmons, which is a sequel that I've been looking for forbloodyever as I loved the first one. I also got the gay cowboy book by Annie Proulx! Yay! Gay cowboys! And yes, I know there are other stories in there too, but seriously, gay cowboys.

Somehow I got guilted into running my class's palynology seminar nest week, so I have a crapload of work to do. Which I should be doing now. Or later. Gay cowboys or pollen? Gay cowboys or pollen...


When you see this on your flist, quote Firefly.

You're afraid we're going to run out of air.
That we'll die gasping.
But we won't. That's not going to happen.

We'll freeze to death first.


Sep. 27th, 2005 07:29 pm
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I spent six hours today staring into a microscope. My brain, it doth hurt. And I had to do art. Creating is hard.


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