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So I'm a week and a half into a gluten free diet. It hasn't been as difficult as I thought, but far more of my go-to tasty snacks are off the menu than I thought would be. No sushi, no biscuits, and there's LOADS of crisps I can't have. And no beer!

That said, I haven't had any of the gastro issues I usually have - I do occasionally go for a week without any symptoms, but this has been quite a gap. It's too early to say whether my joints are showing any improvement, but I'm planning on a full month gluten free, so we'll see then. I do have a couple of new mouth ulcers - the diet was meant to help stop them, but again I'll give it the full month before I call it a failure.

It's making me a little more imaginative with regard to meals at least - I usually fall back on pasta when I'm too lazy to think up something to cook. It may also be making me more unhealthy in some ways - I've fallen back on cheese for snacking, which is hardly the low-fat option.

Ho-hum. It's definitely nice to not be rolled up in a ball on the bed with various unpleasant stomach issues every few days.
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I've been making a few salads this summer that are going down pretty well and if I don't write them down somewhere next year I won't remember them.


New potato, smoked fish and spinach with a horseradish/lemon salad cream.

Avocado, spinach, pomegranate and chicken with shallott vinaigrette.

Courgette, mozzarella, fennel and orange/lemon dressing (good with bruschetta).


Jul. 5th, 2010 01:52 pm
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On Monday last week we finally received our cheques for overpaid tax from 2007. I cannot even begin to describe what a relief it was. For the first time in about a year we're up to do date on paying our bills, and can still afford to feed ourselves. Huzzah!

Saturday we went to Portobello market, which I love. I bought a little teacup and saucer set from about 1930 or so. It's very adorable. G was looking for a pewter tankard but didn't find one he fancied. We also got artichokes to have for dinner and strawberries for dessert. My plan was to make a lemon and garlic mayonnaisse to go with the artichokes. I had forgotten, of course, that I no longer have an electric whisk and so had to use a handwhisk. My first attempt curdled almost before I put any oil in. My second attempt, which nearly broke my arm, was working wonderfully until my hand cramped up at a crucial point, I didn't whip fast enough, and the whole thing collpased in a puddle of mess. Oh dear. I'm sure there are all sorts of chefs laughing at my weak little forearms and their inability to whisk for extended periods of time. In any case, an electric whisk has shot back up to number one on my list of kitchen things to get.

Yesterday was July 4th, which is a Thing for the Americans amongst us, so we had a barbeque and lots and lots of strawberry margaritas. A good time was had by all, but we didn't get to bed until after 11 and G had to be up at 5 to drive to Reading.

And now I'm back in the Boiling Office of Melty Doom. The office manager has ben making noises about getting us an AC but I reckon he'll be making noises until winter and hope we forget about it.
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I've spent most of my bank holiday weekend alternating project work with avoiding doing project work. This will be of little surprise to most of you, I fear.

Friday afternoon I got a call that there was a beer festival up at the union. As I am, after all, only human, I headed up. As we'd had a fifteen minute burst of sunshine, everyone thought it would be a good idea to sit outside, where it was bollock-clenchingly freezing. I was cold, shall we say. Beer was good though. And abundant. That night a few of us headed down to a club near my flat, which was less cold. In that it was cloying and sweaty and moist with people. Had a pretty good time though. Le Bloke got ridiculously drunk and started moshing in the rock-y section of the club. I left him at it. Never interrupt a boy in the middle of a mosh.

Saturday I decided to take the whole day off from work, so I got up late and myself and le Bloke walked down to the continental market that was in town for the weekend. We got olives (SO MANY OLIVES), bread and cheese and other delicious vittles, then headed home to eat and nap. And eat and nap we did. Le Bloke had also recently purchased Star Wars Battlefront II for my PS2, so we spent quite a few hours on that, let me tell you. Basically, the laziest day ever.

Yesterday I actually did some work, as the guilt had gotten to be too much even for me. Probably not enough though. We went out for nachos and chicken wings for dinner, then headed to the Union cinema to see True Romance. Gotta love that movie. And rumours of us playing Star Wars when we got home instead of going to bed are probably greatly exagerrated. Probably.

I just watched the new Who that I missed on Saturday night. May have got a bit teary eyed. God I love Ten. Give that man a hug.


Apr. 8th, 2006 04:27 pm
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So, what happened was this.

I got a phonecall at about four on Thursday afternoon telling me to get an overnight bag together because we were getting a train at seven. Where to, I hear you ask? I did not yet know. Le Bloke wouldn't tell me, so I had to figure it out myself at the train station.

He took me to York! Where I've been planning on going forever but hadn't managed to get around to yet. We stayed in an utterly gorgeous hotel, where our room had two tv's. For why, I do not know. So Thursday night we went out for Mexican food, and once again indulged in our quest to find the nations finest margaritas. Mmm, frozen.

The next day we had breakfast in the room, hugged it, and said farewell so we could explore York. Le bloke's been there a few times already, so he knew where and what I'd want to see. First off we walked around one of the city's parks which has ruins of a Roman fort, a Norman fort and a medieval hospital and abbey. After that we wandered around the touristy street areas before going to York Minster. It's one of the most gorgeous churches I've ever been in, just glorious. Almost enough to convert a body to religion. Just not this one. We decided to climb to the top of the tower - all two hundred and something spiral steps. It was a bit of a struggle towards the end there, let me tell you. The view from the top was absolutely cracking though, if a bit windy. After a pub lunch and a few ales, we caught the train back to Sheffield, where the first thing we did collapse into bed for a nap. What a wild birthday, eh?

Post-nappage, we met up with friends in the pub, where I got some lovely cards and presents, then later moved on to a bar, where, again, I felt it my duty to partake of the margaritas. And le Bloke felt it was his duty to make me drink tequila shots. Was home in bed by about one, as pretty much all my friends had to be up at eight this morning for fieldwork. I was thinking of them as I was lying in bed 'til eleven. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA. That was an untruth.

And now I have to pack for five days in italy and six days at home. In a tiny backpack. Huzzah!

All in all though, a pretty rocking birthday. You hear that, next year? You see what you have to live up to? You better pull out all the stops, is all I'm saying...
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[livejournal.com profile] jaaam and [livejournal.com profile] lil_nibbler have been visiting all weekend, yay! Howevers, I am now both very tired and also very tired.

Friday was Paddy's Day, as all right thinking people in the world would surely have known. In the spirit of the season, I indulged a touch and was, shall we say, a wee bit tipsy. Some might call it well and truly shit-faced, but I like a bit of class in my analogies. As neither [livejournal.com profile] jaaam nor [livejournal.com profile] lil_nibbler drink, I'm sure they had all the fun in the world watching me and my friends getting progressively rowdier as the night wore on. I know they left before we made our way to the pub though, so maybe they should be grateful for small mercies...

Saturday was possibly the greatest day of my life, hangover excepted, as Ireland beat England at Twickenham to take the Triple Crown. It would have been nice if Wales had beaten France so we could have had the tournament, but what're you gonna do? Maybe hit some Welsh people, I guess. And give Shane Horgan a big kiss for that try.

Yesterday I took the girls out to Meadowhell, which oh so very much lived up to its name, then cooked them barbeque chicken for a final dinner.

All in all, a very, very busy weekend. The funnest part is how it's been topped off by a delightful spot of insomnia. Brain no worky so good no more.
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As I was, as previously mentioned, on STUPID DIAL-UP at home, here's a quick summary of the whats and whens of my trip home -

Things I did -

1. Ice skating (So much fun)
2. MiniChristmas! (Cooking Christmas dinner for 11 people!)
3. Lots and lots of shopping (Some of it for other people, even)
4. Visited many different kinds of family (Where it snowed!)
5. Ate. Then ate again. Then ate some more. Followed up by some eating. (I'm hungry)
6. Went to the Leinster v. Munster match (GO ON THE LEINSTER!)
7. Had a fun NYE with the likes of [livejournal.com profile] jaaam and [livejournal.com profile] trinityofone (Absinthe - say no more)
8. Ate some more. (Still hungry)
9. Geeked out in a serious way with [livejournal.com profile] trinityofone (More on that later)
10. Also hung out with such luminaries as [livejournal.com profile] the_deb, [livejournal.com profile] lil_nibbler and [livejournal.com profile] siriaeve (YAYS!)
11. Played Trivial Pursuit (And didn't lose) (But didn't win either)
12. Played fast and loose with my punctuation in this post (!;!)

Things I saw -

1. Kong (Large and in charge, but a wee bit flabby round the middle)
2. The African Queen (Which I hadn't seen in years, so it counts as new)
3. Mysterious Skin (ouch)
4. Boa vs. Python (I wish that was a joke)
5. Brokeback Mountain (Broke my heart; [livejournal.com profile] lil_nibbler is still crying, I'm pretty sure)
6. Season 2 of Peep Show (The awkward would melt your face right off)
7. Where the Heart Is (Baby David Hewlett)
8. Copious hours of SGAquarium (most often with [livejournal.com profile] trinityofone)

Things I gotsed

1. The Naming of Names by Anna Pavord (Best. Book. EVAR.)
2. Paradise Lost, with introductions by Phillip Pullman (Mmm, gratuitous in the best way)
3. Clothes! (A lot of which Im wearing right now, I notice)
4. Blender (Now I can make soup!)
5. Hair dryer and straightener (And look pretty!)
6. MONEY! (Donations always welcome)
7. Perfume (Do I smell or something?)

So all in all a pretty productive break, methinks. Now if only I'd done ANY of the work I'd had planned...
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[livejournal.com profile] lil_nibbler? You're completely right. One and a half Weetabix is the perfect portion.
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Today I mostly cooked and played computer games. I made up a recipe for apple chutney, which turned out pretty nice, but it needs to sit for a good few weeks before it hits delicious, I think. Also I made a Baileys cheesecake, because there was Baileys, and what else am I going to do? I'm only human after all. [livejournal.com profile] jaaam, [livejournal.com profile] lil_nibbler and [livejournal.com profile] the_deb all came over and partook of the cake, thought it hadn't really set by that point. Meh, we ate it anyway.

In other news, you know you have a classy job when you come in in the morning to find tire tracks and a used condom in your work area. What were they thinking? It's not exactly a romantic spot. There's a golf club two minutes up the road! At least that has nice views.

And speaking of work, I've discovered that the best spectator sport EVER is clock catching. You wait until there's a breeze, and the clocks fly up into the air, then try and catch them in your mouth. Make people do it so you can watch. You won't regret it.
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I'm off to Ingerrland for the book learnin'. It's probably for the best. Huzzah! So I'll work for four more weeks I guess, then have two off to organise and try and remember how the whole college thing works.

In other news, Devendra Banhart is an adorable, adorable man, even if he didn't play Michigan State, which has been in my head for the last two days.

Also, it's [livejournal.com profile] lil_nibbler's birthday dinner tonight, though I won't have her present until next Thursday at the earliest I think. Oh dear.
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I made myself asparagus with Hollandaise sauce for lunch. Freaking yum.

Also, Batman Begins owns me.

I'll have some Egypt photos up next week, hopefully, should anyone be interested.
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The best thing about summer is definitely the strawberries. Today I had a strawberry muffin, fresh pressed strawberry and apple juice, a strawberry and pineapple smoothie and I just finished off a bowl of strawberries and cream. They'd been sitting in sugar and a wee bit of balsamic vinegar since this afternoon. Not unlike hot sex on toast, in the grand scheme of things.

I've often thought that if I was the sort of person to ever contemplate suicide, it would be the thought of strawberries that would stop me. Or tea. Strawberries and tea. Of course, if there was some sort of nuclear holocaust and there were no strawberries or tea left in the world, then all bets are off. Actually, that would probably hasten things up a bit.

Mmm, strawberries.
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Okay, yes, I know it's not my birthday yet, but the celebrations have already begun in earnest. Beck took me out for a birthday surprise last night - Emiliana Torrini at The Sugar Club. She is just the most adorable little pixie thing ever. I want to marry her and have her tiny elfin babies. Someone arrange that for me as a birthday present? In related news, I think there should be a law passed whereby tall people aren't allowed stand at the front of things. I mean, really. Do they think it's fair? Especially tall couples. Tall couples means you can't even look to the left or right because they're all over the left and the right. Goddamit.

Made delicious cake last night; had delicious cake for lunch today. I made it for Nora in work, whose birthday was today. And she's making one for me tomorrow. Mmm, cake. Considering what we put her through in work today, I fear for my well-being tomorrow. Maybe everyone got the birthday hi-jinks out of the way today though - you never know.

I nerded it up to the max today. I was cleaning up a big lump of iron when all of a sudden we realised it was a pickaxe. With part of the handle still in it! So cool. I had a big stupid grin on my face and couldn't stop cleaning it to make it pretty. I love my job. My desk was an unholy mess with crusty bits and the like. I took a picture for posterity. Will put it up at some point so everyone can see how hard I work. Ahem.


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