Jul. 5th, 2010 01:52 pm
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On Monday last week we finally received our cheques for overpaid tax from 2007. I cannot even begin to describe what a relief it was. For the first time in about a year we're up to do date on paying our bills, and can still afford to feed ourselves. Huzzah!

Saturday we went to Portobello market, which I love. I bought a little teacup and saucer set from about 1930 or so. It's very adorable. G was looking for a pewter tankard but didn't find one he fancied. We also got artichokes to have for dinner and strawberries for dessert. My plan was to make a lemon and garlic mayonnaisse to go with the artichokes. I had forgotten, of course, that I no longer have an electric whisk and so had to use a handwhisk. My first attempt curdled almost before I put any oil in. My second attempt, which nearly broke my arm, was working wonderfully until my hand cramped up at a crucial point, I didn't whip fast enough, and the whole thing collpased in a puddle of mess. Oh dear. I'm sure there are all sorts of chefs laughing at my weak little forearms and their inability to whisk for extended periods of time. In any case, an electric whisk has shot back up to number one on my list of kitchen things to get.

Yesterday was July 4th, which is a Thing for the Americans amongst us, so we had a barbeque and lots and lots of strawberry margaritas. A good time was had by all, but we didn't get to bed until after 11 and G had to be up at 5 to drive to Reading.

And now I'm back in the Boiling Office of Melty Doom. The office manager has ben making noises about getting us an AC but I reckon he'll be making noises until winter and hope we forget about it.


Oct. 27th, 2006 01:21 pm
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I still have no sodding interbunny at home. WOES!

However, I have a job! As does bloke!

We're going to be living in Nenagh until Christmas, which as everyone knows is smack bang in the middle of nowhere. I will be doing environmental archaeology though, so hooray for that. Also, I have a job set up for the new year in Kilkenny, which is a lovely city, and that should last a year, so we may be able to acually get a lease to get our own place, so that's good.

Living at home is pretty hellish. As many of you know, my mother is a smoker. And how. I already have a throat infection, and I've only been home for two weeks. Bloke says his lungs feel like they did back when he was smoking. Mmm, pleasant.

Other than that being back in Dublin is fab. I wish I had longer here, really. I haven't had much of a chance to settle back n properly, but then, it is nice to have a job. And I'm getting paid a lot more with this company than I would be if I stayed in Dublin.

Really, I can't wait to just start work, and settle into a routine. I've had six weeks of constant busyness and I just need a break.
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Am home! Had good fun in the States. Massachusettes is a good bit, methinks. Still have little access to the series of tubes, so I'm gonna be scarce for a while.

Will update with my American exploits at some point, but there were margaritas, buffalo wings, planes flying into buildings next to us and some other stuff. All good stuff.
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Okay, so I've finished my disseretation. or, at least, it's as finsihed as it's going to get. Even if it is very, very short.

And now to party then pack then head off to Boston tomorrow!

Oh dear.
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Okay, so. I've spent the last week manically trying to finish my dissertation before I left the country, but to no avail. I'm flying home on Saturday, and my work is coming with me. I have to leave my very useful liberry books here, however. Bugger. Also, have been trying to pack and clean and keep my luggage under twenty kilos so I don't get screwed by Aer Lingus. I have to send a box home to Ireland tomorrow, which will cost fifty quid I don't have, and also go out for goodby drinks with friends. When I get to Ireland, I have to drop boy off to the airport the next day, then try and finish my dissertation in four days before my deadline, but also see everybody at home who wants to see me, seeing as how I haven't been home in six months. Two days after my deadline I have to fly to America to meet lots of new people and also get married. Also while home I have to see about getting a haircut and finding something to wear to a wedding. Mine.

I realise that this is not a very clear timeline, but that is because my brain? She is giving up.
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That cliche about needing a holiday to get over your holiday is horrifyingly true.

Last Sunday we slept through our alarm, and only my panic upon waking up and checking the time whenever I'm going away, regardless of alarms, allowed us to catch our Sheffield to London bus on time. From central London we got a train out to my aunt's place, which is in a little village on the Thames. As it was Sunday, bloke got to see his first cricket match. It was lovely to be able to see my aunt and my cousin, as they've been having a rough time of it lately. The next day we trundled from there to the British Museum, where the day was spent in geek joy. We also managed to squeeze some shopping in, in preparation for France. We woke up at seven the next day to catch our train to London, from where we caught two tubes to another train station to catch another train to the airport. With very heavy bags. Always fun.

We didn't arrive at the airport with a huge amount of time to spare because of some tube delays earlier in the day, but we weren't in too much of a rush. Until, that is, bloke's bag got pulled out for a search at security. The guy searched for about fifteen minutes until he found what he was looking for - a tiny swiss army knife that bloke had forgotten he had. We were thus late to arrive at the gate and didn't get to sit together. Other than that it was an easy flight and we arrived at Toulon in plenty of time to pick up our rental car and navigate our way to Avignon. We had to stop by the coast first as bloke was most excited at seeing the Mediterranean for the first time. We made it to Avignon by about eight that night (Bless the French roads and their signposts) and ventured into the city for some dinner.

Avignon is a gorgeous town a walled medieval city, dominated by the Palais des Papes, the seat of Rome in the (I think ) 12th, 13th and 14th centuries. At night it was just stunning. Our hotel was small and basic, but very central. If it weren't for the creepy dolls littered about the dimly lit hallways, I'm sure I'd have liked it very much. The next day we headed out into the old city to do the tour of the Palais. They're big on audio tours in France, apparently. Which I always think are faintly ridiculous, but it was handy to have. We have many, many photographs, but as they're on bloke's camera, it'll be a while before I can get them up. Late in the afternoon we left Avignon to get to Nimes, which took about fifty minutes. The driving around Nimes looking for our hotel took another two hours, however, at the end of which we were both quite snippish, to put it mildly.

The next day in Nimes we spent looking at the Roman remains - a temple facade firstly, but also an ampitheatre in amazing condition. They still do bullfights there every year, and the festival had just finished when we arrived. The tour was fun, but I didn't really learn anything I didn't already know. From Nimes we drove down to Marseille airport to pick up my friends Pob and [livejournal.com profile] lil_nibbler, who had arrived with [livejournal.com profile] jaaam, her boyfriend Harry and her parents. I was given directions on how to get to the house in Provence, and off we set. After about ten minutes driving and looking at the map however, I realised that the directions were wrong, and we headed back the other way, eventually getting to the right road. The other car didnt realise so quickly however, and we had to wait quite some timebefore their car caught ours up. We reached Varages (a lovely little town in Provence) a bit before midnight, found the house up at the top of the tallest hill, had a cup of tea, and headed to bed.

The house was really lovely. It's used as a yoga retreat by the owners, who are friends of [livejournal.com profile] jaaam's parents. The list of fabulous things about the house is far too long to mention, but my favourites included - the pool, the five-ring gas hob, the balcony outside my bedroom window and the hammocks littered throughout the grounds, the Irish teabag supply already in the cupboard when we arrived. The views and the weatehr were spectacular the whole time we were there, though we got a little chilly at night, being so far up in the mountains. Our time at the house was pretty uneventful - lots of bread, cheese, wine, reading and Pictionary. I think it's the time of year for them too, but I saw at least ten shooting stars while I was hammocking at night. Myself and bloke drove down to the coast one day so we could swim in the Med too, but it was less than two hours each way, and not too strenuous. It was brilliant being able to hang out with ma buds and such, seeing as it's been so long since I've seen them, and just doss for five days.

Yesterday we left early in the morning so we had time to stop and take pictures and buy presents. We arrived at the airport in plenty of time, but our plane from Stansted was delayed becaue of the security restrictions there, which we'd only vaguely heard about. We were thus two hours late landing at STansted, and even the hour and a half cushion Id given us between landing and catching our bus wasnt enough. Also, bloke has an American passport, for which the queue was an hour long coming through customs. As he had to be up at six this morning to catch a flight to Boston from Manchester, this was not a great state of affairs, especially seeing as when we asked about coaches, we were told the next one would get us into Sheffield at four in the morning. Eventually we decided to rent a car that he could drop off at Manchester this morning, as it was cheaper and quicker than getting the train. We even got back home earlier than if we'd caught the coach we weremeant to get, which made up for the crapiness, if not the extra expense.

So that was my holiday, and I went back to the lab today, and I am tired.
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The entire department has run out of ethanol. So I can't do my work. Which is actually okay, because I'm going on holidays on Sunday! Yaaaaaaaaaay! First we're going to my aunt's in London for a couple of days, and then we're heading from there to Provence, where we're going to Avignon then Nimes and then up to a villa in the moutains to hang out with my homies. Yes, you heard me, my homies.

In conclusion - YAY HOLIDAYS!

fancy lads

Jul. 20th, 2006 07:48 pm
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I took the day off yesterday with le bloke to make the trip out to Chatsworth House. It's the country estate of the duke and duchess of Devonshire, and open to the public for most of the year. It's HUGE. And GORGEOUS. And where they filmed the new Pride and Predjudice, apparently. We did a tour of the house, which is filled with all kinds of fabulous stuff, from Elizabethan to modern. I also fell in love with the library. They don't have names for the things I want to do to that library. I want to tear my skin off and rub myself all over it and... anyway, yes. Lovely library. The gardens are just spectactular too. There's the biggest gravity fountain in the world, which can get up to 300 ft. And there's a huge paddling fountain on a hill slope. There's a coal tunnel and a maze, and greenhouses too. The paddling was the mmost welcome, as it hit about 35 or 36 yesterday. I got a little burned on my back, but probably not as much as I deserved to be.

Back in the lab today, where yet again, someone had stolen my 1mm sieve. Asswipes.
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I saw Superman Returns on Saturday. Oh so much love. Much, much love. There were things I didn't like, and at times I had to suspend logic completely, but I want to hug it and love it and call it George. It was orders of magnitude better than that last X-Men offering, and also Byan Singer has balls of frigging adamantium to pull off some of the shit he did. Fabulous stuff.

And this evening, I go-a Big Gay Pirate-ing! Huzzah!
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Le Bloke needed help with some gardening yesterday, so I decided to walk up to his place. Note the use of the word 'up' there. Sheffield is a very hilly town, and he's decided to live at the top of the tallest of them. I live right down between two smaller ones. It was very warm, and I was very sweaty. I'm sure it's good for me or something though.

My friend Ellie came to rescue me from the lab on Wednesday, and we went for a few pints. Upon asking her whether she had holiday plans, she finally got around to telling me that she'd JUST WON A ROUND THE WORLD TRIP WORTH £20,OOO. People would not have to ask me about holidays if I had won that. I'd have had t-shirts made up the day I found out. The thing of it is, I'd have just deleted the e-mail. It was from soemone she didn't know and said 'congratulations'. It's like they didn't want her to open it. Hmm...

She's also having a Time Team weekend for us all at her parents new house in the country. We're going to go down and camp out in the grounds for a weekend and dig and get pissed. Ah, archaeology.

Tomorrow I have a geekfest thing to go to - a comic and SF sale thing in the town. Then we're going to go see the Beastie Boys movie. I love weekends. Hooray weekends! More of that, I say!
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Yeah, so I didn't get it. Someone else had more secretarial experience, apparently. Which? In fairness, not hard.

So to commiserate for me on that and to celebrate le bloke getting all his work in finally, we got an Indian, some beer, and watched Battle Royale. I hadn't seen it for years, and le bloke hadn't at all, so it was a very fun watch.
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I started work on my dissertation on Monday, finally, so I've been doing the nine-to-five thing again. I actually started pollen identification yesterday, so I was staring into a microscope for six hours or so, and I felt so sick. I always do for the first couple of days, but my eyes'll get used to it soon enough. Today I decided I deserved a lie in, but of course I didn't shut my curtains properly, and dawn's at about four in the morning these days. Hooray for me! So I lay in bed just as a matter of principle until nearly nine, though my room was smelling more and more like tar as time went on. Oh the joy of having a building site next door. I've learned to just block out the noise, but the smells can still surprise me. The sooner I move, the better. C'mon, July 1st! Get here already!

This afternoon a friend of le bloke is doing a pub crawl as she's leaving forever and ever prety soon. As I have no work to do anymore except my dissertation, I don't mind going at all, but le bloke has many and lots of work still due, and he may be stressing a wee bit.

And now - to the lab!


Jun. 4th, 2006 11:38 am
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It has been gloriously sunny here the last few days. Le Bloke decided to take some time off from his panicked end-of-term-deadline-approaching-work to enjoy it and so yesterday we strolled up to Weston Park for a picnic. We had strawberries and cider and apple pie and hummous and cheese and crackers and it was generally delicious. Satisfactorily glutted, we snoozed in the sun for a couple of hours before we walked to the Sheffield botanical gardens. They were utterly gorgeous, which I assume has a lot to do with the time of year, and the weather, but they're obviously really well-maintained. We may have snoozed again on a random patch of grass in the gardens. After that we headed home for dinner and a nap and some well-deserved sitting around. The best thing was how neither one of us looked a watch the whole day. However, this did mean that I ended up missing Dr. Who. Again. My bad.

In less lazy and fun news, I've been sending job applications all about the place, so we'll see how that goes. And it looks as though I may actually be able to start my dissertation work on Tuesday. Hooray!
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I've spent most of my bank holiday weekend alternating project work with avoiding doing project work. This will be of little surprise to most of you, I fear.

Friday afternoon I got a call that there was a beer festival up at the union. As I am, after all, only human, I headed up. As we'd had a fifteen minute burst of sunshine, everyone thought it would be a good idea to sit outside, where it was bollock-clenchingly freezing. I was cold, shall we say. Beer was good though. And abundant. That night a few of us headed down to a club near my flat, which was less cold. In that it was cloying and sweaty and moist with people. Had a pretty good time though. Le Bloke got ridiculously drunk and started moshing in the rock-y section of the club. I left him at it. Never interrupt a boy in the middle of a mosh.

Saturday I decided to take the whole day off from work, so I got up late and myself and le Bloke walked down to the continental market that was in town for the weekend. We got olives (SO MANY OLIVES), bread and cheese and other delicious vittles, then headed home to eat and nap. And eat and nap we did. Le Bloke had also recently purchased Star Wars Battlefront II for my PS2, so we spent quite a few hours on that, let me tell you. Basically, the laziest day ever.

Yesterday I actually did some work, as the guilt had gotten to be too much even for me. Probably not enough though. We went out for nachos and chicken wings for dinner, then headed to the Union cinema to see True Romance. Gotta love that movie. And rumours of us playing Star Wars when we got home instead of going to bed are probably greatly exagerrated. Probably.

I just watched the new Who that I missed on Saturday night. May have got a bit teary eyed. God I love Ten. Give that man a hug.


Apr. 8th, 2006 04:27 pm
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So, what happened was this.

I got a phonecall at about four on Thursday afternoon telling me to get an overnight bag together because we were getting a train at seven. Where to, I hear you ask? I did not yet know. Le Bloke wouldn't tell me, so I had to figure it out myself at the train station.

He took me to York! Where I've been planning on going forever but hadn't managed to get around to yet. We stayed in an utterly gorgeous hotel, where our room had two tv's. For why, I do not know. So Thursday night we went out for Mexican food, and once again indulged in our quest to find the nations finest margaritas. Mmm, frozen.

The next day we had breakfast in the room, hugged it, and said farewell so we could explore York. Le bloke's been there a few times already, so he knew where and what I'd want to see. First off we walked around one of the city's parks which has ruins of a Roman fort, a Norman fort and a medieval hospital and abbey. After that we wandered around the touristy street areas before going to York Minster. It's one of the most gorgeous churches I've ever been in, just glorious. Almost enough to convert a body to religion. Just not this one. We decided to climb to the top of the tower - all two hundred and something spiral steps. It was a bit of a struggle towards the end there, let me tell you. The view from the top was absolutely cracking though, if a bit windy. After a pub lunch and a few ales, we caught the train back to Sheffield, where the first thing we did collapse into bed for a nap. What a wild birthday, eh?

Post-nappage, we met up with friends in the pub, where I got some lovely cards and presents, then later moved on to a bar, where, again, I felt it my duty to partake of the margaritas. And le Bloke felt it was his duty to make me drink tequila shots. Was home in bed by about one, as pretty much all my friends had to be up at eight this morning for fieldwork. I was thinking of them as I was lying in bed 'til eleven. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA. That was an untruth.

And now I have to pack for five days in italy and six days at home. In a tiny backpack. Huzzah!

All in all though, a pretty rocking birthday. You hear that, next year? You see what you have to live up to? You better pull out all the stops, is all I'm saying...


Apr. 6th, 2006 11:34 am
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I'm going to be home in Old Dublin Town from the fourteenth to the twentieth, by the looks of things. Entertain me, bitches!
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Though this probably counts.

Was up at half eight this morning, even though I'm officially on easter break. Had to meet a friend to get a book on weeds. Oh, this life of mine, it is a wonder of excitement. After some faffing about, I've just done something constructive and put on two loads of washing. See above re: my life and excitement.

Today I also have to:
Buy credit for my phone. And how.
Buy a cardigan or shawl or something to go with my graduation dress which I've finally decided on wearing to the wedding in Italy next week. Also, shoes.
Get money out of bank account, even though I'm not supposed to 'til Saturday.
Do a fucking shitload of work that I've been putting off since easter break started.
See L'Enfant with my friend Kate.
Figure out what I'm going to do on my birthday.

Speaking of, le Bloke has something planned for Thursday night. And won't shut the hell up about it. He says I'll like it, but it won't fit in a box, and I have to be 'ready' for it. And he's taking Friday off so we can do actual things on my real actual birthday. Again, I know not what. Answers on a postcard, please.
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You know those days where you're just kind of generally happy to be alive? I love those days.

Yesterday I got up at 6:30 in the am to finish off an essay. And finish it I did, which means all my course work for that particular course is now finished, to which I say: Huzzah! After that I had class from ten 'til two, which was covering what was expected of us in the two project reports I'll be handing in after Easter. We did some more work with SPSS and Canoco and CanoDraw too, so now I feel far more confident about the projects than I did a few days ago, when I wasn't even sure what the data I'd been given actually meant.

I came home for lunch right after that, and what should be on the tv but Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Frabjous. Seeing as how I'd been up since the middle of the night, I went to bed for a nap when it finished. I probably wouldn't have woken up had le bloke not texted for me to meet him in the pub. We went to a couple of places we hadn't been to before, and tried a couple of new beers.

I never have classes on Thursdays, so I went to the Graves gallery in Sheffield town this morning with some friends to an exhibition of Dutch and Flemish paintings from the eighteenth century. And from the sublime to the ridiculous, I came home and have been cleaning more or less since, give or take a half hour here and there to read a book.

But yes. It's great to have time to do things. And then to actually do them. Hm.
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[livejournal.com profile] jaaam and [livejournal.com profile] lil_nibbler have been visiting all weekend, yay! Howevers, I am now both very tired and also very tired.

Friday was Paddy's Day, as all right thinking people in the world would surely have known. In the spirit of the season, I indulged a touch and was, shall we say, a wee bit tipsy. Some might call it well and truly shit-faced, but I like a bit of class in my analogies. As neither [livejournal.com profile] jaaam nor [livejournal.com profile] lil_nibbler drink, I'm sure they had all the fun in the world watching me and my friends getting progressively rowdier as the night wore on. I know they left before we made our way to the pub though, so maybe they should be grateful for small mercies...

Saturday was possibly the greatest day of my life, hangover excepted, as Ireland beat England at Twickenham to take the Triple Crown. It would have been nice if Wales had beaten France so we could have had the tournament, but what're you gonna do? Maybe hit some Welsh people, I guess. And give Shane Horgan a big kiss for that try.

Yesterday I took the girls out to Meadowhell, which oh so very much lived up to its name, then cooked them barbeque chicken for a final dinner.

All in all, a very, very busy weekend. The funnest part is how it's been topped off by a delightful spot of insomnia. Brain no worky so good no more.
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<Phomotographs )>

In conclusion, everything is prettier in the snow.


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