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Yet more tired. Oh dear lord.

However, I am moved, as is Le Bloke. We're currently lying next to each other in bed, msning each other. Yeah, it didn't take long for us to get that pathetic. But as you may have deducted, I HAVE INTERNETS! WOO!

My so tired I could start eating kittens. And thus, I'll get back to everyone who's commented or emailed or texted in the last few days tomorrow. We have to be up pretty early to drop back the rental car. Blergh.
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So I was happily doing what it is I do every day - you know, and one of my supervisors came in to talk to me. She's going on holidays in August and is recommending me to replace her (for her commercial work) while she's gone. If I get it, this will be utterly fabulous, because I'll have commercial experience with environmental samples, and that'll look hella good on my cv when I start pimping myself around come October.

However, I need a job now, but if I get this I'll be working in whatever job I get in the meantime for all of a month; I don't really mind doing that, but, I have no idea what the workload will be like, and whether it will be worth giving up a different job in order to do it. Also, I'm assuming I'll have the practical side of my dissertation finished, and be able to do the commercial stuff during the day and the research at night, but if I'm not finished the practical stuff, I'm fucked. Also, aaaaaaaaaaargh being responsible for stuff that I've just barely learned about oh god I'll fuck it up.

So, anyway. In other news I've sort of started cleaning. The dust, she is legion.


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