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Dublin screening of Serenity! Go! Booketh your tickets!


It's on the same nght as the Weezer concert! Oh crap. What am I going to do?!
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I'm off to Ingerrland for the book learnin'. It's probably for the best. Huzzah! So I'll work for four more weeks I guess, then have two off to organise and try and remember how the whole college thing works.

In other news, Devendra Banhart is an adorable, adorable man, even if he didn't play Michigan State, which has been in my head for the last two days.

Also, it's [livejournal.com profile] lil_nibbler's birthday dinner tonight, though I won't have her present until next Thursday at the earliest I think. Oh dear.
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Okay, yes, my last entry may have been a wee bit on the vague side, but I can't say any of it was inaccurate.

ATP was , more or less, the greatest thing that's ever happened. Why am I not there now? I couldn't have had more fun. [livejournal.com profile] the_deb, [livejournal.com profile] jaaam, and [livejournal.com profile] kakhanded were all there, plus Meggers and Harry. The best thing about ATP is that, unlike other music festivals, where one has to rough it camping, we had our own chalet, with a shower and kitchen and the like. Plus all the gigs were indoors. Fabulousness abounded. I have never seen so many earnestly cool people in one place in my life. Or so many pairs of Converse. At home, my yellow faux-Converse are at least vaguely interesting, but at ATP they just blended in with a tide of similarly-clad feet.

Highlights included - Buck 65 (Oh God I love him)
- Peaches (Sexy and terrifying in one handy package)
- Dancing to Belle and Sebastian djing (right there! All up in our faces!)
- Getting to hang out with my buds in bed til two in the afternoon (sweaty)
- The candy, oh the sweet delicious candy (I can stop any time I want)
- Yuka Honda (but four songs? Come ON lady)
- The Zombies (ROCK!)
- Yoko Ono being just as pretentious as I expected her to be.

So, yes, a fab time was had by all, I think. When can I go back? Now? How about now?

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Actually managed to have a decent amount of fun in work on Friday. It was one of the guys' last day, and he brought his dog in for us all to play with. Why? I do not know. But we all appreciated it. It was very much Still a Puppy so he took some looking after. I had him in the office with me for a few hours, where the most comfortable spot was apparently sitting atop some rather fragile finds. The things you can get away with when you're adorable. If Elijah Wood only knew he could rule the world. The same guy is also a bit of a home-brew aficionado, and has been boring us rigid talking about a stout he was brewing for the last six months. So he brought some in for us all to try. There's nothing quite so classy as sitting in a prefab, eating a cheese sandwich and drinking home-brew stout out of a chipped mug. Basically, there were lots of fun distractions, and not a massive amount of work. Just how I like it.

Lat night I went out for a birthday dinner, which was yummy, then headed to the Porterhouse and on to Crawdaddy's. Someone tried to explain Crawdaddy's genesis to me, but I remain clueless. Did it used to be the Pod? Or Redbox? Or is Redbox still around? Anyway, the important thing is that I've found where all the hot Dublin men are. I'd given up on them, assuming they were no more than a myth, but I swear to God, the male to female ratio was about 60:40. And they were dancing. Well. I've found the Holy Grail people. And all you need do is listen to the occassional bit of RnB. Actually, the music really wasn't that bad. It was more HipHoppy than RnB, with a fair amount of alterno-dancy stuff. Though my enjoyment of it may have been tempered by all those beers I had. Many beers.

And now I must away to drink Ribena and take more Panadol. Some overs remain hanging.

ETA - How fucking cool is THIS?
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Okay, so for [livejournal.com profile] lil_nibbler's sake, I'm updating. See, I think I'm going to struggle to come up with anything that anyone would find interesting, but that probably means that the Law They Call Sod will kick in and I'll witter on for pages. Though of course that doesn't mean any of it will be interesting.

I had a nice quiet birthday, just the way I like it. I went to work, got some pressies, got LOTS of cake, came home, watched some tv and went to bed. I have an intense dislike of fuss being made on my birthday, so it was pretty much perfect.

I'd organised to share a birthday do with two of the girls from work - Nora and Emma - so we all headed into town for that. Lots of lovely people showed up at the Globe, and then splinter groups formed. I factioned off with those going to DTwo, which was okay. I boogied, but the place was full of complete knobs. When someone finds a place in Dublin that's knob-free, could they please tell me? But keep it on the down-low, obviously. I left there about three and headed for the Nitelink. However, we had to make a detour for Chinese on the way there. It was a matter of life or death. How Springrolls Saved My Life. I'd pay to see it.

Saturday was recovery time. Ate bagels and bought a t-shirt. It's yellow and I'm wearing it RIGHT NOW. Oh yes, I love my new t-shirt. Though I did spill Ribena on it earlier. Oh well, that's par for the course if you want to be a Jars t-shirt. It's best to get it out of the way early in the relationship.

The rest of my Saturday was spent asking God why he lets Keanu Reeves ruin films. Stupid Constantine... could have been so good... rassen frassen...

Also, Nibbler? Lost is nearly over! But they got a second season! And some very exciting things happened that I can't tell you about! Except that I love Sun. And I finally get why people like Jack so much. As Pants said, "How is it that there's nothing sexier than damage?"

Gosh, I really can write a decent amount about completely boring crap, can't I? Just call me Gustave.

ETA - that livejournal really doesn't take exceptionally long song titles into account, does it? So, I was listening to The Soft Lightes - The Robots in my Bedroom Were Playing Arena Rock, but apparently that won't fit. So look below to see what I'm listening to now. Which, hopefully, has a shorter name.
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Okay, yes, I know it's not my birthday yet, but the celebrations have already begun in earnest. Beck took me out for a birthday surprise last night - Emiliana Torrini at The Sugar Club. She is just the most adorable little pixie thing ever. I want to marry her and have her tiny elfin babies. Someone arrange that for me as a birthday present? In related news, I think there should be a law passed whereby tall people aren't allowed stand at the front of things. I mean, really. Do they think it's fair? Especially tall couples. Tall couples means you can't even look to the left or right because they're all over the left and the right. Goddamit.

Made delicious cake last night; had delicious cake for lunch today. I made it for Nora in work, whose birthday was today. And she's making one for me tomorrow. Mmm, cake. Considering what we put her through in work today, I fear for my well-being tomorrow. Maybe everyone got the birthday hi-jinks out of the way today though - you never know.

I nerded it up to the max today. I was cleaning up a big lump of iron when all of a sudden we realised it was a pickaxe. With part of the handle still in it! So cool. I had a big stupid grin on my face and couldn't stop cleaning it to make it pretty. I love my job. My desk was an unholy mess with crusty bits and the like. I took a picture for posterity. Will put it up at some point so everyone can see how hard I work. Ahem.
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I just booked my flights to London for ATP. Vincent Gallo had better pull the finger out for this one, 'cos I don't get out of bed at five in the morning for no reason, is all I'm saying. Maybe I'll sleep in the airport... Okay, yes, I realise that that's ridiculous. Ridiculous LIKE A FOX!

My birthday preparations have already begun in earnest. That is, I've received my first gift. [livejournal.com profile] the_deb got me a book of short stories by Tim Burton. So adorably twisted. AND [livejournal.com profile] jaaam is surprsing me with something on Tuesday. AND I've pretty much decided where I'm going next Friday for some inebriated felicitations. It just sounds better than piss-up, doesn't it?

I have a feeling I've missed something on tv tonight. It's hard to keep track of what I'm watching and not watching when I'm bittorrenting some stuff and watching some stuff on tv, and some stuff catches up on tv so I stop torrenting them and when's the next episode of Lost and when is Stargate: Aquarium back? So, yeah, confusing. Oh, there is Dr. Who. But that's on Saturdays. And tonight is not a Saturday. I hope.



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