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Le Bloke needed help with some gardening yesterday, so I decided to walk up to his place. Note the use of the word 'up' there. Sheffield is a very hilly town, and he's decided to live at the top of the tallest of them. I live right down between two smaller ones. It was very warm, and I was very sweaty. I'm sure it's good for me or something though.

My friend Ellie came to rescue me from the lab on Wednesday, and we went for a few pints. Upon asking her whether she had holiday plans, she finally got around to telling me that she'd JUST WON A ROUND THE WORLD TRIP WORTH £20,OOO. People would not have to ask me about holidays if I had won that. I'd have had t-shirts made up the day I found out. The thing of it is, I'd have just deleted the e-mail. It was from soemone she didn't know and said 'congratulations'. It's like they didn't want her to open it. Hmm...

She's also having a Time Team weekend for us all at her parents new house in the country. We're going to go down and camp out in the grounds for a weekend and dig and get pissed. Ah, archaeology.

Tomorrow I have a geekfest thing to go to - a comic and SF sale thing in the town. Then we're going to go see the Beastie Boys movie. I love weekends. Hooray weekends! More of that, I say!


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