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So I was telling [livejournal.com profile] lil_nibbler on msn about the nightmares that kept me up for most of the night, and I thought, why not let everyone enjoy the horrors of my subconscious?

I had nothing but nightmares last night

Karen says: very creepy

Karen says: how comes I always remember the nightmares?

Nibbler says: what about?

Nibbler says: like monsters? aliens?

Karen says: one was about this creepy dude

Nibbler says: gorillas?

Karen says: he might have been a zombie

Nibbler says:oh

Nibbler says: not pengiuns though

Karen says: definitely something not right about him

Nibbler says: coz no-one is afraid of penguins

Karen says: and he was associated with the number 11, for some reason. Maybe I called him 'number 11' at some point.

Nibbler says:huh what's 11?

Karen says: and he was wearing Victorian clothing

Nibbler says: was he a vampire?

Karen says: but he was walking up the drive to a big house I was living in

Karen says: real slowly

Nibbler says: were you reading anne rice before you went to bed?

Karen says: and I was terrified

Karen says: and had to go round screaming at everyone to close the windows and doors

Karen says: and I kept checking out the window and he was coming closer

Karen says: and then i was at the front window and someone came around the frame RIGHT UP TO me, scaring the shit out of me

Karen says: but it was a friend

Karen says:and I was all, thank god

Karen says: and he said, you know your back door's open, right?

Karen says: and I turned round

Nibbler says: oh my god

Karen says: and the guy was behind me

Karen says: and I woke up then

Nibbler says: that sounds so fucking scary

Karen says: with his big freaky face in my brain

Nibbler says: like a fucking film

Nibbler says:my eyes are watering a little

Karen says:and couldn't get back to sleep for hours because of the adrenaline

Karen says:but when I *did* get back to sleep

Karen says: there was another one

Karen says: where I was uncovering a mass grave and it looked like all the corpses had killed each other

Nibbler says: lovely

Karen says: like, one was literally pulled in half, its spine was popped apart

Nibbler says: yuck

Karen says: and one had its nails dug into the flesh of another's arm

Karen says: like it had been trying to crawl up it

Nibbler says: so they were buried alive then?

Karen says:and then all the corpses started to move

Karen says:like, swarming

Karen says:all in a pit, on top of each other

Nibbler says: your dreams are far too vivid

Karen says: they creep me out

Nibbler says: I don't think you should go to sleep tonight

Karen says: I don't think I should go to sleep ever again


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